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Today I was thinking that I can go to the 
train after seeing the beautiful scenery. Just then, a girl came and said, "Excuse me, can I sit in this seat I said very annoyed no you sit on the seat next to me. The girl surprised me and said, actually you don't understand that this seat is mine.Now instead of being annoyed, I slowly came to the next seat with a shy expression. The girl sat down and then asked me why you didn't buy the ticket. I immediately said no I bought the ticket for this seat, I like the seat next to the window, so what's the point of sitting there. Enjoy the Best Hotels and Resorts.

The girl immediately smiled lightly and the first sun of the morning created such a look on her face that I felt that the seat of my heart has been empty for so long. I came out of that smile and said, surprised that these two seats are actually mine. I immediately took out my ticket and discovered that because of the bad printer of Bangladesh Railway, it was not clear whether it was F or T compartment. Writing t on top of f makes me think that I sat down in the t compartment too.

Now I hurriedly got up and started taking down my luggage and was afraid that how can I go 5 compartments away with so many luggage bags. Then to my double surprise he said, you can sit here if you want, it will be difficult for you to move with so many things.My girlfriend who was supposed to go to this seat could not come due to special reasons. At other times I would have come away with the opposite attitude, but it seemed that I was stuck in the center of a special magnetic field from which I could not escape. So I lifted the luggage up and sat down like a dutiful child.

He was not opening my mouth to thank him. After taking some time, I said thank you. He gave a small welcome. We didn't even talk until the train came from Dhaka to Bhairav.He was sitting by the window looking at the beauty of nature and I kept looking at him. And I was regretting that if I had been a little more extroverted, I could have at least talked to her, then I thought again that such a beautiful girl can't be single anymore. The phone was not charged. I was afraid that she would suspect me if I sat there without doing anything. I took out a book from my bag.

A book given to me by my friend on my birthday called Tomar Naam Sandhya Naam" Although I don't really like romantic stories this book was so good today I know why. I never believed it was love at first sight but today I know why it seems to be an eternal truth.A man falls in love at first sight, he loses control of his heart at first sight. I paid a little attention to the love story of Neetu and Habib in the book and went to Brakshanbaria beyond the train and Bhairab. Then suddenly he said again that he is reading this in the name of Sandhya. It is one of my favorite books. I find Sadat Hossain's books a bit over romantic.

Surprisingly, I said over romantic. I didn't say that over romantic is bad. Who read Humayun Ahmed's book and well, Himubhakt, then Sadat Hossain's writing seemed over romantic. I forgive myself. I'm not an ice lover. Himura is unreal. The characters around him are not even real, such as Rupa, how can anyone wait so long for someone I have two opinions about you, either you are a newly minted lover or you have never been in love. Second, how do you know you are better than silver
Seems very experienced with love. How much money best scenery by hotels.

 Not at all, that's why I don't judge anyone, who is overromantic, who is romantic. Well, father, I'm sorry, I'm wrong. But Sadat Hussain writes really well. Finally he came to the right path. How can I go in the wrong path if I have such a guide.Boys like me lose the right path due to lack of skilled guide. Father it's been a long time now I see you will start panchanama of sorrow. Well saying this I kept silent again. I couldn't believe how I said so much, that too with a girl. I keep distance from my friends in class. I had no idea about this potential!! But I was thinking how to talk to him again.

The train was moving at its own pace. Einstein's theory of relativity did not miss this opportunity to prove itself. I did not notice the time passing so quickly. I left Brakshanbaria and came to Azampur. Bought almonds for twenty rupees, offered him almonds. He said, "Don't take anything from strangers and leave the house." I immediately fell into deep embarrassment and said, sorry, I didn't understand. This time she laughed, said first I don't get to know each other then I will eat nuts, how come I am in second year in Shruti, Sylhet MA G Osmani College.

You were really magical in that girl's smile. I fell in love with her smile for the first time. This time I fell into identity crisis with her smile. I was wondering how to introduce myself. That said, I am studying in Nilanjan, SAST in mechanical engineering department, fourth year.
Are all engineers like this or not? Are you a little special? It means that you thought for so long and made some complicated calculations and said your name. Well, before that, answer me one question: can all the girls in medical school smile so beautifully or are you a little different? He flipped over. A little while ago he could not speak properly and now he is giving compliments.

I just told the truth, if you think it's a compliment, I don't care. I could see a clear rosy glow on her cheeks. I made my introvertness a little bigger and said smile like this and you will see that your patient will be half better after seeing you.Well, a lot has happened. I didn't believe in my own words, but like then, maybe my words were stuck for today, today only words will run because when the train reaches Srimangal, it will ring at 9 in the morning, so there will be an hour's crossing here.
Shruti suddenly said, I have never seen Srimangal, I saw it a few times from the train and could not stop here for a second. No, just kidding, but if your bag gets stolen
No one but a bodybuilder can lift my bag. I will also tell the brothers of the next seat that Kshan will not leave and it will take less time to go to the next station, Shamsernagar, than the train. Now you see this opportunity. Is the tea so sweet only in Neelkanth or if it is next to it all the tea will be so sweet. That's what I was thinking then he said.
Gana Sunder Srimangal For Gift For Srimangal Morning Srimangal is not beautiful to look at, we are coming to visit so beautiful. He smiled softly, I don't know if he understood my words. At least I wouldn't have understood that for sure. After coming to the train, I said, well, the train will be late for some time, on this occasion, I go to my seat. Shruti said, why is there no difficulty here? I thought you might be having difficulty.

He looked to the side without giving any answer. But in the midst of this silence, I got a hint of disapproval and remained there. The train continued at its own speed. A long silence passed between us. I did not understand how to break this silence. In this way slowly we are moving towards our destination, regret of not being able to talk to him in silence and wanting to leave from here was working in my heart but I could not say anything, finally I broke the silence.

You and I have one thing in common, you know you treat people and I treat machines. She laughed again, her laughter again blew my mind and I realized that every time she smiled, I would fall in love with her. Another thing in common is that the train is slowly moving towards the destination and after a short while we will be at Sylhet. With a lot of courage, I said that if you want, we can have another thing in common.

I don't know if he understood what I said but that was the best I could do. It is not possible for me to say or explain more than this. When the train stopped at Sylhet, he told me before alighting that you sat in my seat because God wanted you but because I wanted you sat next to me Enjoy Stationed overseas.