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The phone has been ringing for a long time and the patience of the caller from the other side is also very strong. One by one the phone is going. I always sleep with the phone on silent. Then the sound of the phone is coming to my ears, why am I dreaming or did I forget to silence the phone last night, I took the mobile somehow in my 5-star hotel in bangladesh.

I looked at a corner of the mobile screen and saw that it was seventeen minutes past three o'clock in the night. Who will call me so late at night, I saw the number is unknown. I answered the phone and asked in a drunken voice, are you sleeping. He could have called in the morning. Dad, I need you very much right now, hearing the voice, I felt sleepy from my eyes like camphor. Mother called me.

Mother never calls me at night. Why did you give today no problem? I became restless with fear. I asked what happened, mother, you called me so late at night. If there is no problem, no one loves you. No one. No one lives, mother you live. You must live. I can't love anymore either, father. 

You don't know anything. What are you saying, mom, I don't understand anything. Why can't you love me and I don't know why no one told you, father. That's why I called you even after I died. He was very angry after hearing his mother's words. Mother calling me and saying these things upside down? I don't understand anything you are right.

Mom, what are you saying by calling me so late in the night, I am right, Dad. They did not inform you of my death because you left home in anger. Everyone thinks you are very selfish. you don't love me at all So no one informed you of my death, father. But look, I called your mother even after she died. Because I know how much you love me.

I love you too, my precious treasure. But now my mood is getting worse. Why are you doing this! Something happened you want to see me? I will come, even if I want to, I will not be able to see it any other day, father. Because I am no longer alive. i am dead I died yesterday at ten o'clock. I will be buried after dawn, father.

you go quickly See me one last time. I need you so much, father. You come and bury me, father. Got it, mom. You told so many lies to see me. At first you could say that you want to see me. There was no need to tell so many lies. You wait I will come to you now. how many 7 star hotel in bangladesh.

I was about to put the phone down when suddenly the phone rang again. I jumped up. That means I was dreaming for so long, but why did the phone ring again? I quickly picked up the phone from the side of the pillow. Mother called me from this number a while ago. I am not answering the phone because of fear. My whole body is sweating.

Hands are shaking. My mother, my mother, that means mother or my mother opened the door of the house and ran. "I have to go to my mother now," said the gentleman, reaching for the glass of water in front of him. This was the first time Rebecca had taken a good look at the man. The man is quite tall compared to Bengalis. Hair cut very short. The eyes are very attractive. 

The thick lenses of the glasses could not reduce the attraction. You can tell by looking at his eyes that the gentleman is very worried about something. After finishing the water with a kiss, he started talking again. I only see dead people who were once very dear to me. 

I don't know if you have time to look at my chart, I am a soldier by profession. I have to spend six months of the year in the forest. Usually we spend a month in the forest for various exercises. You can't imagine how dark it is inside the forest at night, you can't even see your hand properly. Many soldiers must have died in those forests during the American Civil War. 

Not everyone is buried. So seeing all the dead people, I must have met all the unsatisfied souls that were not buried. But I never saw them. Have you seen any other dead people besides your grandmother? My best friend in high school. His name was Christopher, we called him Chris for short and he was a runner.

That's why he even got the award at the state level. He had a dream to win gold for America in the Olympics one day. But they found the presence of drugs in his body. He is not selected for the Olympics. He got so upset about it that one night he went to our neighboring town and slept on top of the train line. His legs were separated from his body.

This is very stressful in my mind. It happened six years after the death of the grandmother. A couple of days after he died, he came to my house one night. It's been a long time since I came to sleep. But I can't sleep due to restlessness. I have dimmed the light in the room, but it is not completely dark. In this situation I suddenly heard someone calling me Bud, can you do me a favor.

Only one person in the world called me by this name, as I told you earlier, Chris and I were buddies. We called each other Bud for short. Hearing his call, the fur on my whole body stood up. But I can't find him anywhere. He then said to look up. I looked back and saw him floating parallel to my roof like a gas balloon.

Slowly the kite floated in front of me just as it came down. Look carefully and see that the place where the legs should be under the cut Genji of the wearer is completely empty. I fainted when I saw my grandmother, but by then I was used to talking to dead people. He came down next to me and started saying, you know you will bury me tomorrow.

I really want the medal I won for running to be buried with me. My family wants the same, but they don't know where I put the medal. You remember I had two domes on the two corners of the headboard of my bed, one of which could be turned around like a light bulb, where we used to hide drugs, that's where I kept them.

To always have it close at hand, I still want it, to have it in my coffin. Can you help my brother find it? After saying this, he suddenly disappeared into the shadows without waiting for my answer. These two have been with me ever since. At this point Rebecca stopped her patient. You don't mind.

I need you to stop now. You say that two dead people live with you, whom you often see, how do you perceive their existence, please explain a little. That's why I came to you. I don't know if you know, I was supposed to come to you a week ago. But I have to cancel that appointment.

If you hear the reason, you will be surprised. I quickly left the office that day and went home. I will change my army uniform and wear civilian clothes. No, I harassed the whole house. When I gave up hope and went to sit on the sofa, I suddenly saw my DVD player automatically ejecting and reinserting itself to load the disc.

In the evening, I went to the kitchen for some work, there is a dining room next to it, and when I open the door of that dining room, it is my garage. Beside that door is a large wooden key with several nails in it. I usually keep my car keys on one of those nails. I looked and saw that the key was in the right place, but I am sure that the key was not there in the afternoon. 

It's a one day event, I can tell you many such events, but the time allotted for me is only 1 hour. No, you are right, our time is almost over, do you want to say anything else before you go, you told me at the beginning of the session, To tell you about the difficulty I came to you, I have told you almost all the facts, but one. 

If you can solve this problem for me, I will tell you that. Shall I come again next Friday? I live in Clarksville. From there, the distance of Nashville city is about half an hour. It is convenient for me to come on Friday. Other days I have to get up early to go to work, but Saturday is my day off. Going back I don't have to get up early.

Because it will be quite late for me to come back. You come next Friday, not this Friday. same time When Rebecca arrived in the beautiful little town of Denton, Texas, it was just getting dark. The sweet gentle orange sun is spreading a strange magic over the entire city. Rebecca left the long shadow of the evening behind. 

By the time the gentleman got out of the taxi at the car porch of his native house, evening had indeed fallen. The gentleman's mother was praying Maghrib at that time. Rebecca pressed the bell and waited for a long time. But after the lady opened the door, Rebecca was impressed by her sincerity. He would never let Rebecca go to the hotel. Rebecca had to spend the night in Asif's room.

Where he first saw his dead grandmother as a teenager. Rebecca, however, had no such experience. He had to get on a plane at the end of a full week of work. Exhausted, one sleep passed the night. The next morning, after breakfast, Asif's mother took Rebecca to the funeral home where her grandmother was kept. The investigation revealed a new information, which Asif had not told him.

It was very important for Rebecca to know whether Asif was hiding this information from her on purpose or he did not know. On the plane back home, she unraveled the web of mystery. When Asif came to meet her the following Friday, she began by saying, "Hindus say a beautiful thing about stones. They say it's God if they believe, otherwise it's just a stone." stone

It will benefit you if you believe what I tell you. First, let me start with the incident of meeting your grandmother. You told me that your grandfather was sewing when he had chest pain. Did you know, because of a sudden chest pain, he cut his other hand with hand scissors while reaching there? Paramedics in the ambulance apply a bandage to the area to stop the bleeding.

After his death, the funeral home began the process of euthanizing him without removing the bandages, which allowed air to enter his amputated fingers. And most likely that's why the finger was standing up again and again, I think the injury created pressure on the finger, or the injury may have caused the tendon injury.

The matter stirs up your mind so much that you wake up in the middle of the night to see your grandmother. I think it starts earlier. When you start sleeping alone at the age of four, loneliness surrounds you. That loneliness with your grandmother is temporarily removed. But when grandmother dies, your subconscious mind brings your grandmother back in your life to remove that loneliness. 

Now come to your friend's case. There is a saying in English that the same thing happens again and again in history. When your friend dies, loneliness surrounds you for the second time. From your words, I learned that at that time you used to hide drugs, in a dome of the bed. I think you might have taken a recreational drug that day because you couldn't stand your friend's anger.

In most cases these drugs cause mind altering experiences. You bring your best friend back to your lonely life with the help of that forbidden drug. Your subconscious mind definitely helps you once again. These two were like friends in your life for a long time. And so you decide when you come to me for help.

Then your subconscious mind hides the key so that you can't come to meet me on time. Now come to the last incident. If you went home today and took the batteries out of your DVD player remote control, I'm pretty sure the disc loader wouldn't come out automatically. I think the eject button on your remote control is malfunctioning.

I have tried my best to explain everything, now may I know the incident for which you came to me readers, I don't know if Asif will tell Rebekah that particular incident, but I think you need to tell the incident. Asif got married long ago, but his wife left him. Few girls can take it easy when a husband sees a dead man.

As such the girl cannot be blamed, but the girl leaves leaving their only daughter with Asif. The girl is very young, only six years old. She goes to play in the closet with her favorite Barbie doll one afternoon. Suddenly she runs to Asif in a panic. Dad David is very angry with me, why I don't have a toy car.

Dad will you tell him, little girls don't play with cars, they play with dolls! So I don't have any toy cars. Asif was inwardly shocked to hear his daughter's words, though he did not let his daughter know it. asked David very simply, the mother who hangs the boy in the closet with a rope around his neck, behind your army suit. Dad saw the marks of the rope around his neck and I was very scared.most expensive hotel in coxs bazar top hotel in bangladesh.